Monday, June 27, 2011

Benefits of Video Production

It is always a good idea to make videos of special occasions as a way of watching them and reminiscing the good times. The videos also leave an impact and help us remember better than the photographs. The same rules apply when promoting a product or a service, or for that matter a company. The most effective way of promoting a company or a service is through the assistance of the media, and more than the audio the video format has more reach. This is probably why many corporations these days are creating videos with the help of media companies to promote their company. Videos are created keeping these things in mind, and the time frame matter a lot when trying to sell the company.
Corporate videos are all about giving the outside world a sneak peek into the company's operations, what they believe in and what their specialty or focus. If they are able to convey this message to the viewers in an interesting way, they can be sure that new business will come from doing so. The aim of the video is to promote the positive points of the organization while trying to add a bit of life and excitement to the campaign. During the initial stages right after the company has been launched, they normally have a press release when they officially tell the world they have arrived. The videos can be used at this juncture or during meetings with prospective clients to show them what is in store for them if they sign a business deal with the company.
For a corporate video to be effective and have maximum reach, it is best to seek out a Public Relations Company or an Ad Agency. They will bring in their creative expertise, gather information from the company and create a video that will grab the attention of the viewer and help them take back a few words or images that caught their eye. This would be the first step to launching one's services and products. Video promotion is used largely by Non profit organizations to spread word about their organization and the purpose behind their existence to invite sponsors and others to support their services.

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The Process of Video Production

Video production goes through three stages:

1. Pre-Production: The process of determining project objectives, requirements, schedule and production design.
2. Production: The process of capturing video footage outlined by the pre-production process, including interviews, presentations, planned or unplanned “cover” footage; this typically happens on location.
3. Post-Production: The process of logging, digitizing, editing, mixing and mastering the captured footage into a final master (DVD, tape or media file), which then can be duplicated and/or distributed.

I. Pre-Production

This is the most important stage for a successful video process and end product. If this stage is not done with thoroughness, care and attention, the whole process suffers, and the quality of the finished product will be compromised. We cannot emphasize enough the critical importance of the pre-production process, particularly planning.

II. Production

This stage is filled with capturing the content of the program. Time management is key. The focus is assisting the crew with the following:
• Photo releases and legal clearance to photograph and videotape both staff and clients;
• Arrival, accommodations (if overnight), transportation;
• Secured area at the site for storage of equipment;
• Someone familiar with building and people to accompany/facilitate crew and help maintain schedule;
• Misc.: Meals and rest periods.

III. Post-Production

The post-production is done by a professional video editor, with your input through the script and an approval/revision process, in which versions of the program (at various stages of completion) are sent to you for your approval and input before the final program is mastered.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Animated Marketing Video Project

The animation video project allows your business to have virtual selling opportunities, which feature full marketing videos and interactive DVD-ROM's. The video projects will be available for the business’ websites, You Tube channels, sales center monitors and as a piece of the collateral Materials that are given to visitors in the form of a CD-ROM.  The home builder segment of our business will not only be offered animated marketing video and DVD-ROM products, but Mark Bray Enterprises will also produce individual exterior and interior Models for each plan offered.  This will allow sales to provide links to specific models that meet the needs of each potential buyer, and offers tremendous pre- sale opportunities prior to even breaking ground.