Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Shift to Video Marketing

The world is changing, business is changing, and how you advertise your business is changing faster than ever before.  Social media, PPC, SEO, and blogging are all critical to the success of your business’ advertising efforts, but the biggest shift in the marketplace today is in online video marketing.

            You can dominate Google, Bing, and Yahoo quickly with video marketing if you know what you are doing. Anyone can create and upload a video, but the pros know how to dominate video marketing by:
§  Researching the market space
§  Analyzing Keywords and Phrases
§  Focus on a niche
§  Dominate a niche
§  Target specific video sites
§  Study customer trends
§  Strategically understand what your customers want to view
§  Be knowledgeable of your customers attention span
§  Build Consistency in your branding
§  Properly format videos
§  Submit meta content
§  Optimize videos for sites and search engines
§  Track, monitor, and improve results
§  Upload to hundreds of sites, personal blogs, social media sites, RSS Feeds, encourage organic syndication
§  And get your business ranked on PAGE 1 in 48 hours

What does video marketing syndication mean for your business?
§  More videos on more sites, which means more search results.
§  More search results will result in more clicks
§  More clicks will result in more sales
§  And more sales equals more money in your pocket!
Video marketing is not a fad, it’s a shift in the way the world is communicating.  You and your business deserve to be notice

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Article About Video Production

In a lot of ways, corporate video production is an effective tool in presenting products and services to the largest possible number of potential and existing customers. It is likewise an efficient means in promoting a company, its mission and visions, its targeted goals as well as its list of achievements to its niche audience. The production of videos involves significant creative processes utilizing the latest in technology. Generally, corporate videos vary according to a company's particular requirements.
The benefits of a corporate video production are the following:
Corporate videos work well as an advertising material. It is a sure way of showcasing company products and services - its specifications, features, functions and even prices. The more unique and interesting that a video presents a product or service, the longer the brand impression will stay in the consciousness of targeted consumers and clients.
A company who aggressively engages in video production obviously believes in the power of viral marketing in the promotion of its products and services via videos. A communications manager who tries to post even a single video, one that is meticulously created and so totally unique and attractive, on YouTube, will be able to enjoy immense gains in terms of brand image retention and promotions, product popularity and eventually profits. Not like advertising and promotion in print, corporate videos are a much more effective means of engaging a company's niche audience. Messages in videos come across in a clearer, faster, more believable and better-understood way.
The utilization of corporate video production as an effective means of standing out in the areas of marketing and advertising is helpful in promoting not only the products and services but likewise the company that offers them. It effectively imprints a lasting image or series of images to the target audience with the intention of optimized brand familiarization. Ultimately, gains of whatever company goal are realized, but mostly on maximizing profits.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

What is an Interactive Panorama?

Interactive 360°virtual reality panoramas allow your site visitors to view your business’s facilities as if they were standing in the room with the ability to look in any direction around them.  Panoramas can be a single environment, which would be multiple views of one area. Multiple panoramas can also be linked together to create a virtual tour of your entire facility; this allows your site visitors to go from location to location in a virtual self-guided tour. Descriptive audio can be added to each panorama to give the site visitor a greater understanding of what they are viewing. In addition to descriptive audio, the natural sounds of each environment can be added to enhance the site visitor’s virtual experience. Music can also be added as audio to enhance the experience. The site visitor can move to different location by the use of doorways throughout the tour, but if they have a specific destination in mind and do not want to follow the programmed path a floor plan can be added and will allow them to move directly to other panoramas at their convenience.  Interactive panoramas can be made unique and personalized by adding the company name and logo directly onto the images. The company brand will be seen in the same location on the image at all times, which will be helpful for site visitor.
                         Why Should Interactive Panoramas be Used?
·         60% of internet users take virtual tours online
·      Properties complete with virtual tours are, on average, clicked 10 times more than those that do not offer the service
·       On a typical day, more than six million people are taking virtual tours in cyberspace, up from roughly two million in 2004
·       80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or services
·       In cyberspace, a site with a virtual tour and interactive media will receive 38% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking media
·       47% said virtual tours were very important to a listing
·      Statistics from show that listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why Is Online Video Marketing Important?

       Having an impact that could be compared to the invention of television in 1928, the online video was one of the main components that differentiated the new media from the traditional one. It is the fastest and most powerful social media tool that companies should use while preparing their internet marketing and social media strategies, as it’s the fastest way one can convey a message that has feelings attached to it. Its effectiveness comes from the fact that the human brain employs 40% of the cortex to process video, meaning that humans are wired to scan the visual environment and are most attracted to visual stimulation. Due to its effectiveness, the online video marketing grew to become a ‘must’ for all social media strategies. Its importance first started being noticed through the huge popularity the worldwide known video sharing community: You Tube has achieved in such a short time span. Today, online video is integrated and widely used on all categories of online communities and company websites.
There are various benefits that are brought by videos to any social media strategy or viral campaign:

1. It brings a more personal interaction between a business and its audience. The mix of visual effects and sounds makes it an effective way of capturing an audience’s attention.
2. It gives the web-users new information delivered fast and made simple. As they say: a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but when you add sound to it …it’s worth millions for your business!
3. It is more cost-effective to produce.
4. It is viral.
5. It gives the chance of increasing your brands recognition. Whether it is used to describe and show the functions of a product, to introduce a company, for online seminars and conferences or for advertisements, videos can be effective ways to gain recognition of your brand.
6. It drives more traffic to your website. That is either by adding a link to a website or by placing the video on search engines along with well-chosen keywords and taglines. Google gives more importance to sites with videos then the sites without video, and increases chances of ranking higher by 50%.
The still growing importance of videos on the Internet is part of the digital revolution. It offers you a way to interact in a more efficient way with your audience as well as a method of keeping them engaged with you brand. Therefore, the use of videos should be part of any internet marketing strategy.

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