Monday, January 23, 2012

Virtual Tours Inform Buyers

Virtual tours are online displays of a place or item made with videos, panoramic photographs or a combination of the two. Virtual tours can provide potential customers, buyers or visitors with an in-depth look at a home for sale, apartment for rent, or attraction from the comfort of their home. These tours also can teach viewers about a topic, historical figure or location or art movement.
Virtual tours often are used for selling a home or renting an apartment. These tours provide a lot of information for a potential buyer or renter, such as the organization, feel and look of a home. Often, online virtual tours will be potential buyers or renters' first introduction to the home or apartment, especially if they are moving from outside the area. The goal of these tours is to show the home's strong points and make viewers feel like they are there, in the home. By viewing a virtual tour the buyers also get a feel for the area at which they might want to live. A virtual tour can show the highlighted areas of a small town or a big city; buyers like to be informed about what to do and where to go. The goal is to show viewers the attractions that define the city in an exciting and lively way to encourage them to want to travel to your location.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who Can Benefit From 360 Panoramas?

The virtual 360 panoramas or VR tours can be extremely useful for those, who keep up with the times, who is in step with the progress and who strive to do and advertise his or her business in the most unusual and modern way. 
All over the world 3D panoramas and virtual tours are recognized as the irreplaceable tool for sales and service promotion. Many successful companies especially highlight the article about this innovative technology for advertisements.
The application field of the 360 panoramas and virtual tours is very vast. The spherical panoramas, which attract the attention and kindle almost every man’s interest (regardless of his or her age or social status), will find a niche for them in many spheres of modern life.

The advantages of the 3D panoramas and virtual tours can be successfully used by:

3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours in real estateReal-estate agencies, construction and real-estate development companies:

When viewing the spherical 3D panoramas, the viewer gets a much bigger amount of the visual information about the object that is being examined then when viewing the ordinary photograph. The virtual 360 panoramas  and virtual reality tours have such a knack for reflecting the reality that one can avoid visiting the object in the real life. The visitor of your site gets the opportunity to independently grade the object, advertised by you, at any time which he or she finds convenient and without leaving the house or office.  Your employees wouldn’t have to spend time on showing the objects and describing all of their advantages of this or that flat in detail. In many cases the 3D panorama and virtual tour can do it all instead of them. This will allow you to reduce the headcount and pay more attention to the real Clients, which have made up their minds to make a purchase. 
The spherical 3D panorama makes it possible to get an idea of the size and the floor plan of even the small building spaces (bathroom, wardrobe, stanza), which is very hard to do when having the ordinary photographs only.

Means of transport manufacturers (automobiles, yachts, etc.), car dealerships:

With the help of the spherical 3d panorama the customer can examine the car’s interior before visiting the car dealership. The virtual 360 panorama makes it possible to demonstrate even the limited space interiors with the very high level of accuracy. Apart from the car dealerships, the companies, which design car interiors, can advertise the services they offer.


The information centers and the town sites can be equipped with the 3D panoramas as well. The virtual tours will help the tourists and the guests to orientate themselves in the town, will show them the most interesting routes and sights (streets, parks, squares, buildings and monuments).