Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 Reasons Video Marketing is Effective

Video marketing is not really a new hot topic but it is a topic of importance to help you grow your business. Online video marketing has now been around for a number of years and it is an area that is still continuing to grow as time moves on. Technologies that allow businesses to apply videos to their business model are also growing, making it even more important to get involved in some way for any business.

Five reasons video marketing is very important:

People Like Watching Videos
Most people would rather watch a video than have to read. That is the truth and if your company, products, or service require any sort of explanation take the time and put it in a video because your audience will respond with much greater force.
Decrease Website Bounce Rate
Whether it is one video or ten, your website bounce rate will decrease with a video. Depending on how well the video is made and how long it is you could really hold a website visitor on your website that much longer.
Your Videos Will Rank
If you upload your videos into the video sharing websites and really optimize them with nice robust titles, descriptions, and the use of links where you can, chances are that specific video will become a great candidate to really increase in rankings.
Still An Early Technology
Like everything digital, online video sharing technology is relatively new compared to older forms of marketing which means that the process is only going to grow from here. Sites like YouTube are only growing in power and strength and many businesses are already leveraging the amazing technology for opportunities that exist in helping to grow their business.
Increases Branding & Credibility
When a business creates a new professional video they almost put themselves in a new type of bucket from the standpoint of their audience. Branding increase and credibility is often times instilled into your website visitors.
Online video marketing is a young approach but reaps many benefits if approached correctly. Take the time to figure out exactly how to incorporate a little bit of video into your business model.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Smartphone Advertising

Kantar Media's Compete, today released research showing that smartphone users have better recall of in-app ads than ads they view while browsing the web using their mobile browser. The findings, part of Compete's Q1 2011 Smartphone Intelligence survey, show that 52 percent of all smartphone owners recall ads they encounter in mobile apps. That number drops to 40 percent when asked about ads encountered while surfing the mobile web. And the disparity is even greater among iPhone users, with 65 percent recalling in-app ads and only 33 percent recalling mobile browser ads.

                Overall, considering both in-app and mobile browser ads, Android users have the highest mobile advertising recall, with 55 percent reporting they've seen some form of mobile advertising. For iPhone users, that number drops slightly to 51 percent. Only 22 percent of BlackBerry owners recall some form of mobile device advertising.

                Recall of text messaging/SMS ads is lower still among smartphone users. Just over one quarter (27 percent) of iPhone and Android users recall receiving a text message/SMS ad.

                "This data is important as advertisers and app developers, among others, contemplate the evolving mobile advertising opportunity," said Danielle Nohe, director, technology and entertainment for Compete. "If the behaviors of iPhone and Android users, who have more experience interacting with different forms of mobile advertising, are indicative of where the industry is headed, we're starting to see what forms of advertising could be most effective moving forward."

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Compete Smartphone Intelligence: Recall of Mobile Advertising

Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Video Marketing Works

Internet approaches for marketers that worked in 2002 are badly out of date. Once, the best technologies for business communications of all kinds were for "later". Video and streaming audio was in the future, and you didn't need to worry about it yet.

That's over.

'The future' has been here for years. It is a foregone conclusion that video marketing works. The challenge is in figuring out how video marketing works… Has your own online presence kept up? Are you incorporating video and multimedia technologies for yourself or your clients, or have you just typed up a business opportunity and hoped visitors would read it?
The fact is, every reasonable barrier to using online video has been removed by the existence of massive and free video hosting sites such as YouTube. No longer is video an option to try to differentiate your product or services or identity. It's now the most cost-effective and outright effective option.
All of which means you can concentrate on communication. The fact is, "people buy from people" and now you have the means to personally connect with the people who land on your website, using video. Your website no longer resembles someone else's when it's your own face voice and words speaking to the viewer. Credibility builds as you talk about the value that you can provide. Only online video marketing works to make this possible.