Monday, February 11, 2013

Mark Bray Wedding Videos and Photography

Mark Bray would like to introduce MBE Studios; a new segment of Mark Bray Enterprises that focuses on wedding videos and photography. 

Mark Bray Enterprises has been conducting award winning video projects for over 15 years and we would like to extend our business into the wedding industry. We take pride in forming working relationships with our clients to accomplish their goals and we will continue to maintain our reputation as we form relationships with the bride and groom to create customized videos and photography. No two weddings are the same, which is why the videos and photography should reflect the unique story each couple will be sharing. 

Contact us to create a customized package for your wedding, that can include, but is not limited to bridal showers, parties, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception.

Phone: 919-861-4541

*MBE Studios is currently registered with Forever Bridal (