Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Can Video Marketing and Smartphone Advertising Improve Your Business?

Video marketing can improve a business significantly through effective marketing. Ask yourself where you spend the majority of your day. Most of the work force spends their day on a computer or with some type of technology. With this given, the absolute best way to market a product is through the use of video marketing or through the use of Smart phones. By marketing to more people your business can hopefully expand through the addition of new customers.

Target Additional Customers

Because of the increasing integration of technology in our daily routine, video marketing and Smartphone advertising will allow your business to market to many more communities than traditional advertising. Conventional marketing, such as television ads, restrict the amount of people your advertisement can reach. However, video marketing can target everyone simply because more people are online than watch television.
When someone is checking email or surfing the internet, they retain more information than while they are watching television. This is simply because you are actively working while you are online as opposed to your relaxed state while watching television. A person who views a video online is much more likely to remember it later than someone watching an ad on television. By marketing your business to more people, you will hopefully retain more customers.

Smart Phones

Smartphone advertising can be equally effective in marketing a business or product. It seems that everyone has a Smart Phone today. By taking advantage of Smartphone advertising, businesses can market to essentially everyone. Also, much like video marketing, Smart Phone users are much more likely to remember the advertisement later. About 55% of Smart Phone users say they remember an advertisement they saw on their phone.
As you can see, taking advantage of video marketing and Smartphone advertising can significantly improve your businesses target market. Hopefully, you will retain more customers which results in higher profits.