Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Google Loves Video!

     It is very important to incorporate videos on your website because it will be a visual aid for current and prospective clients to better understand what your company does. In our present day, posting videos on the company website is an easy and effective way to Market your business online. Visitors will enjoy the video interaction and you will notice a significant increase in website traffic. Reading mass amounts of text is time consuming and most people will completely skip over it and miss the point your company is trying to convey. A two minute video to market your company’s services or products will attract significantly more viewers. As you know, Search engines now offer an option to view videos about any topic you decide to search. Although this is a simple feature it will allow your business to be more frequently recognized and put you ahead of the competitors that do not use video productions on their website. Video production is becoming more popular among all businesses to promote a better image of their business and increase interest for prospective clients. Google is the top search engine and the competition among businesses using this site is always tight, but you can be one step ahead by adding a video to your company website.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Importance Of Training Videos

     To get the job done right, we usually need training. More and more employers are relying on training videos to educate their employees on how to do specific tasks. Below we will discuss their importance and their impact on the viewer

Additional Knowledge

  • When watching training videos, you generally learn something new. Even if you're versed on the subject, the video offers a well-rounded view of the topic and in most cases you walk away with a fresh perspective.


  • In the workplace, training videos heighten the employees' awareness as to what their job responsibilities and expectations are


  • Employees can receive in-depth background on the company/product, such as when the company began its operation, how it was implemented, and its growth since then.


  • Employees are given information on how to react in emergency situations and in cases of accidents. For example, employees working in an assisted living/nursing home are given training videos to watch on what to do if a resident gets injured and what preventive methods to take.


  • Training videos let the employee know that the employer cares about the morale of the company. Being given the opportunity to learn more about the company inevitably boosts morale and productivity.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Understanding Video Marketing

If pictures speak a thousand words, imagine what a video could say about your business.
Recently video has become a popular way to market a business. The main reason for this is that it can generate traffic and interest very quickly. Unfortunately some people are still afraid to use it and believe it’s difficult to do. So now is a great time for you to get ahead of your competition.
One of the main advantages of video marketing is that it saves your visitors lots of time understanding what is being offered. Hearing and seeing about your products and services has more credibility and helps you to connect to your visitors on an emotional level.

According to “Video search engines – just like Google – index specifically all videos available online, independently from the source. On the other hand, video directories differentiate themselves from video search engines because they list videos according to specific categories (such as “entertainment”, “sport”, “fun”, etc.)
Some video search engines and video directories automatically detect and index the videos published online, while others also allow you to directly inform them of the existence of a video. There are also several video search engines that let you upload your videos, just like you can do on video sharing sites.
However, it is important to distinguish between video search engines and video sharing sites, since the might appear very similar at first glance. All video sharing site feature a search box on their homepage, but they allow users to search only within the video sharing site directory, and not elsewhere. On the other hand, video search engines collect material from multiple sources, included the above mentioned video sharing sites.
Several video search engines and video directories let users review, rate, recommend, categorize, and ” tag” the videos that they watch. These functions facilitate the cataloguing and organization of content so that users can easily discover new videos based on other users’ recommendations. ”
Video Sharing Sites
Video Search Engines
Video directories
Another great advantage of using videos is their ability to go “viral” and spread your message quickly.
David Ogden of says “A viral video is a video clip that becomes extremely popular and is spread across the Internet through users sharing it in email messages or through an IM service. A lot of these videos are funny and are often shot by amateurs who happen to catch something funny on their camera phones. There have been many viral videos that have caught fire in the cyber world.”
Video marketing is so popular due to its ability to engage directly with your audience and it adds a new dimension to other forms of online marketing. So don’t be afraid to try it … you have nothing to lose … except a lot of traffic to your website, if you don’t do it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Power of Video Marketing

Reach out to the online video world with video marketing. Increase traffic to your website by using the power of video to promote your business and create profit streams.

Engage online visitors by infusing videos into your online marketing. Video marketing helps boost your business credibility while showcasing creativity through an engaging medium. We help our clients' maximize their unique potential by producing high-quality videos that attract viewers and enforce company branding.
Use video marketing in all aspects of your online marketing. Videos can be added to your website, social marketing accounts and within your blogs. Whether you need product videos, company information videos or documenting a company event, we can cater to your needs and shoot at your location.
Contact us today for more information on video marketing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Traditionally used for training purposes and produced only by the wealthiest corporations, videos have evolved into a tool used by a vast spectrum of industries. Businesses of all sizes use these videos for employee orientations, ongoing training, and communication of corporate messaging, all in entertaining or riveting ways previously unimagined.
For example, a corporate video can demonstrate how new employees should fill out paperwork; can deliver a motivational message from the CEO; or can cover procedures explaining what to do in case of a fire or other emergency.
A restaurant-chain used video to conduct training for employees including line cooks, wait staff and dishwashers. The video producer considered the demographics of the audience and used an MTV theme, with a clever, game-show script designed to engage employees and help them retain the information.The biggest challenge creating the video was working around the restaurants' long hours, but producers solved the problem by shooting in a test kitchen or during the middle of the night. In another example, a recycling company decided to use video to showcase their high-tech recycling plant. To appeal to the broadest possible audience, the producer used A combination of music, sound effects and 'facial expressions' to communicate the importance of recycling in today's society.
These creative uses of video leverage the medium's impact. With a well written script, and appropriate sound or music, videos can convey emotion and urgency. They can elicit response far superior to a memo. Professional videos use elements such as graphics, voice-over, and camera zooms to make the presentation more lively and engaging.
Videos take on many different faces that mesh with the needs of the organization. A company with multiple locations or a large, traveling sales force could use video to reach every employee. A large bank's corporate headquarters, for example, can send a video to a bank manager to share with the staff at their branch; or headquarters can post it online where an employee can log in to hear it or it can enhance online training.
Videos are applicable for a wide range of needs, including the following:
·                         Repeat performances
·                         Introduction or review of company policies
·                         Safety rules and regulations
·                         On-going training
·                         Annual report
·                         Motivational presentations

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Stats About Video Marketing

Video Results & Metrics
Online video increases brand awareness, drives online engagement and creates viewer action leading to more inquiries and more sales. Mark Bray Enterprises has developed unique video products that bring the branding strength of video together with the direct response power of the Web to form a potent marketing vehicle for businesses of all types.
Adding video to small business profiles:
·         Increases number of business profile views more than 100%
·         Increases number of profile clicks more than 30%
·         Increases number of calls generated by more than 18%
Video drives a wide range of customer actions:
·         Increases number of visits to advertiser web site by 55%
·         Increases physical store visits by 30%
·         Increases incidence of purchase by 24%
The Online Video Market
·         According to Borrell & Associates, "Online video spending is forecasted to account for more than 1/3rd of all online advertising in 5 years."
·         Over 40% of consumers watch online videos on at least a weekly basis; over 70% at least monthly

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smartphone Apps Benefit Small Businesses

When it comes to Smartphone apps, there are certain specific ones that are created keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of small and medium sized businesses. This article explores the ways in which Smartphone apps help such businesses to grow and develop.
Small or medium sized businesses need a lot of things and avenues to grow. Small business entrepreneurs have to be at multiple places at the same time for business purposes. Moreover, s/he has to think about plans and tactics to attract prospective customers to the business. All these tasks of managing a business and pushing it up the stairs of success have become easier with the help of Smartphones. Smartphones or iPhones are devices with the help of which the user can multi-task. If you have a business and you want to grow with it, here are certain types of Smartphone apps and their benefits for small businesses:
  • For business purposes you might often have to edit and view Microsoft office documents. With Smartphone apps you will be able to access the Microsoft office documents through your phone. Not only will you be able to view the files, but, will also be able to edit the data and the files. If you ever forget to carry important official documents to a meeting, you can simply access the saved documents in your iPhone or your PC at the office. Such types of mobile apps offer multiple platforms for editing and managing important documents.
  • Mobile application developers have created certain lightweight, flexible desktop database. Such types of databases are generally required by the small business entrepreneurs. Such iPhone applications sync well with the desktop versions. It will allow the user to modify data on the phone and it’ll be synced back to the desktop.
  • Apart from the advanced Smartphone apps there are also some simpler ones that can be of great help to small business entrepreneurs. Some applications have to be synced with the desktop and it will provide access to the desktop from all the devices it is synced with. You can thus share files and folders with other partners and people while on the go! There are advanced versions of such mobile apps also. Generally the advanced versions are costlier than the simpler ones. However, the ones that you will choose should depend on your business plans and strategies.
  • There are some smart phone applications that use a cloud-based way to manage and track clients and competitors. While there are some mobile apps that functions best online, there are some of the Smartphone apps that can work offline too. However, the apps that work offline will sync later to the online account easily.
  • Do you often have to travel to different locations on business purposes? Then, you should opt for various travel organizing service applications. Through these Smartphone apps you will be able to forward emails and confirm your travel plans. Such applications will also allow you to maintain a record of the entire travel itinerary. You can get access to the itinerary from wherever you are in. Such apps will also act as a guide on the road to your destination.
  • Smartphone apps will also provide you an online service where you will be able to submit and review expense reports. Through such apps you will be able to keep track of credit card statements, receipts, and other papers related to business expenses.
So, you can see that smartphone apps are an essential rather, an integral part of small and medium sized businesses today. If you too want any type of applications that would help you in business proliferation, contact a reputed smart phone applications development company. There you can get customized apps at competitive rates.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Virtual Tours Inform Buyers

Virtual tours are online displays of a place or item made with videos, panoramic photographs or a combination of the two. Virtual tours can provide potential customers, buyers or visitors with an in-depth look at a home for sale, apartment for rent, or attraction from the comfort of their home. These tours also can teach viewers about a topic, historical figure or location or art movement.
Virtual tours often are used for selling a home or renting an apartment. These tours provide a lot of information for a potential buyer or renter, such as the organization, feel and look of a home. Often, online virtual tours will be potential buyers or renters' first introduction to the home or apartment, especially if they are moving from outside the area. The goal of these tours is to show the home's strong points and make viewers feel like they are there, in the home. By viewing a virtual tour the buyers also get a feel for the area at which they might want to live. A virtual tour can show the highlighted areas of a small town or a big city; buyers like to be informed about what to do and where to go. The goal is to show viewers the attractions that define the city in an exciting and lively way to encourage them to want to travel to your location.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who Can Benefit From 360 Panoramas?

The virtual 360 panoramas or VR tours can be extremely useful for those, who keep up with the times, who is in step with the progress and who strive to do and advertise his or her business in the most unusual and modern way. 
All over the world 3D panoramas and virtual tours are recognized as the irreplaceable tool for sales and service promotion. Many successful companies especially highlight the article about this innovative technology for advertisements.
The application field of the 360 panoramas and virtual tours is very vast. The spherical panoramas, which attract the attention and kindle almost every man’s interest (regardless of his or her age or social status), will find a niche for them in many spheres of modern life.

The advantages of the 3D panoramas and virtual tours can be successfully used by:

3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours in real estateReal-estate agencies, construction and real-estate development companies:

When viewing the spherical 3D panoramas, the viewer gets a much bigger amount of the visual information about the object that is being examined then when viewing the ordinary photograph. The virtual 360 panoramas  and virtual reality tours have such a knack for reflecting the reality that one can avoid visiting the object in the real life. The visitor of your site gets the opportunity to independently grade the object, advertised by you, at any time which he or she finds convenient and without leaving the house or office.  Your employees wouldn’t have to spend time on showing the objects and describing all of their advantages of this or that flat in detail. In many cases the 3D panorama and virtual tour can do it all instead of them. This will allow you to reduce the headcount and pay more attention to the real Clients, which have made up their minds to make a purchase. 
The spherical 3D panorama makes it possible to get an idea of the size and the floor plan of even the small building spaces (bathroom, wardrobe, stanza), which is very hard to do when having the ordinary photographs only.

Means of transport manufacturers (automobiles, yachts, etc.), car dealerships:

With the help of the spherical 3d panorama the customer can examine the car’s interior before visiting the car dealership. The virtual 360 panorama makes it possible to demonstrate even the limited space interiors with the very high level of accuracy. Apart from the car dealerships, the companies, which design car interiors, can advertise the services they offer.


The information centers and the town sites can be equipped with the 3D panoramas as well. The virtual tours will help the tourists and the guests to orientate themselves in the town, will show them the most interesting routes and sights (streets, parks, squares, buildings and monuments).